CNN “Call to Earth” Report

Rolex video on “Perpetual Planet”

Rolex video on the darkening Greenland Ice Sheet

A documentary produced in collaboration with Rolex, Cmmr Chris Hadfield, Jim Al-Khalili, NERC’s Black and Bloom Project and UK Polar Network.

A short interview with the Sage Foundation’s FutureMakers on the utility of AI for environmental issues.

A short film I cut together from footage collected on Livingston Island, Jan 2020

An audiovisual exploration of the Greenland Ice Sheet, with original score by Hannah Peel (

A documentary outlining the effects of living microbes on ice melt by Peter Sinclair

An interview with about ice albedo by Peter Sinclair

Podcasts and Radio

Isolation/Innovation (Midnight Runners)

This 20 minute chat was for the Midnight Runners Community

and is archived on their instagram TV channel HERE.

Monocle24 & Rolex: “Perpetual Planet Pioneers”

The Monocle Weekly:

BBC Radio 4, “Midweek”


An aerial view of fast-flowing meltwater spraying from a hairpin bend, with nearby moulin visible. Taken about 30 km inland on the SW Greenland Ice Sheet.

The dark surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet. The colour comes from dust, soot and algae deposited on the ice.

An interview with Chris Williamson about the Black and Bloom project by Peter Sinclair

More dark surface ice around a meltwater stream, SW Greenland.

Testing a new drone platform in Svalbard

A quick tour of some cryoconite, SW Greenland

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