CNN Call to Earth

It’s not every day Margate gets connected to Greenland, but that’s what we did in this new CNN Call to Earth piece about the melting ice sheet. The Covid lockdown prevented us from traveling to an icy location to film, so instead Hazel Pfeifer and her team cam for a socially distanced interview on the beach near my home and we discussed the global impacts of melting ice sheets, how the melt is accelerating due to the ice darkening as algae grows on the surface, and why that’s a problem for coastal towns.

It was a real pleasure to work on this piece and I am real grateful to Hazel for telling the story accurately. There is atill loads more work to be done on this topic, and 2021 will see major strides forward in our understanding of this system as I join the European Research Council’s Deep Purple project. I already have two brilliant PhD students working on some new technical solutions to quantifying the algae, mapping it over the ice sheet and modelling their effects into the future, while the other work packages will uncover the details of how these algae survive and proliferate on the ice surface.

Thanks to the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, National Geographic, NERC and Microsoft for supporting my work on this topic!

One thought on “CNN Call to Earth

  1. Hi Joe!

    Just read your post and wanted to congratulate you on your new post with Deep Purple! I caught their webinar on the IGS recently and it looks like the project has some solid aims and exciting work ahead so all the very best! 🙂

    Margate’s beautiful! Lovely drone footage and really liked the superimposition of GrIS onto Margate during the ‘walk’!

    Wishing you and family happy holidays, a very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year head! (With lots of field work in 2021!!:)

    Best Wishes,


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