CNN Call to Earth

It's not every day Margate gets connected to Greenland, but that's what we did in this new CNN Call to Earth piece about the melting ice sheet. The Covid lockdown prevented us from traveling to an icy location to film, so instead Hazel Pfeifer and her team cam for a socially distanced interview on the … Continue reading CNN Call to Earth

Computing the Earth

Here's a short article I wrote for Canterbury Christ Church University's "Expert Comment" series on World Environment Day about the role computer scientists might play in battling climate change... The recent Covid-19 pandemic has given the planet a brief breather from human greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, the long-term outlook for the environment remains bleak, likely … Continue reading Computing the Earth

Isolation: Talk for Midnight Runners

Last week an old climbing buddy called me up to invite me to his company's "Campfire Stories" series - the concept was that in this time of isolation and lockdown it might be cool to hear from someone who has spent plenty of time isolated in remote places to see if there were any transferable … Continue reading Isolation: Talk for Midnight Runners

Monocle/Rolex “Perpetual Planet” Podcast

On a rainy day in December it was my pleasure to host the team from Monocle to record a podcast as part of the Rolex Perpetual Planet Pioneers series.  This was the second time I have been interviewed by Monocle (first one here), and both times I came away feeling that the questions were interesting, … Continue reading Monocle/Rolex “Perpetual Planet” Podcast

We all foot the bill for a warmer Arctic

This week Open Access Government published the third in a series of articles I have written about Arctic science. The first showed why it is critical to understand the past, present and future of the Arctic; the second examined AI and machine learning and their potential to help us to understand and predict Arctic change, … Continue reading We all foot the bill for a warmer Arctic

Heliguy Blog: Drones for Climate

UK drone company Heliguy recently ran a blog article about my work with drones in the Arctic including on my Microsoft/National Geographic AI for Earth grant. Drones have been increasingly important in my work on Arctic climate change, especially in mapping melting over glacier surfaces and as a way to link ground measurements with satellite … Continue reading Heliguy Blog: Drones for Climate

National Geographic Explorers Festival London

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of presenting at the National Geographic Explorer's Festival in London. This was an amazing opportunity to meet the inspirational Explorers and listen to them talk about AI solutions to conservation problems around the world. In the afternoon I spoke about my work on machine learning and remote … Continue reading National Geographic Explorers Festival London

AI for Earth

I'm delighted to report that I have been awarded a Microsoft and National Geographic AI for Earth Innovation Grant! With over a billion people relying on glaciers for freshwater for drinking, irrigating crops and hydropower, and Arctic ice dynamics influencing global weather and exacerbating natural hazards over major population centres, melting glaciers affect us all. … Continue reading AI for Earth

Machine Learning: An unexplored horizon for Polar science

I recently published an article in Open Access Government about the potential for machine learning technologies to revolutionise Polar science, with focus on optical remote sensing data from drones and satellites.  You can read it online  or download it from OAGov_Oct18