I am a postdoctoral scientist currently working on projects funded by the UK Environmental Research Council, Microsoft, Rolex and National Geographic. In 2016 I was awarded a Rolex Award for Enterprise and in 2017 I was World Frontiers Forum Global Pioneer for Climate. In 2018 I was on the San Miguel Alternative Rich list and then in 2019 I became a National Geographic Explorer and Microsoft AI for Earth grantee.

My core scientific interests are in applying AI and big computational tools to earth observation data from drones and satellites, biological feedbacks in extremely cold environments, and measuring/modelling ice albedo. I have over 12 years experience of Arctic and Antarctic expeditions for science and exploration projects in all seasons as well as significant rock climbing and mountaineering achievements (including sport climbing 8c/5.14d and many “big wall”traditional ascents).

I am also very interested in applying my skills to the private and public sectors, having delivered a range of scientific and expeditionary services, training, professional development, film/TV/radio and public speaking projects for a broad range of clients.

More information at the links below…

joe smile


ORCID: 0000-0002-9270-363X

Twitter: @tothepoles

Instagram: @tothepoles

Rolex Award Profile

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