Navigating this blog

Welcome to ToThePoles blog. The posts here will be divided into six distinct categories:

Cryosphere: posts about ice and snow including paper reviews and commentary, trip reports etc

Adventure: posts about field work reports, logistics, stories etc from all kinds of adventures

Science/Tech: posts about general science and technology including tutorials. Strong computer science, cloud computing, spectroscopy and field science bias.

Effectiveness: Posts about personal effectiveness, mindset, optimization etc.

News/Events: posts arising from events I’ve attended or other happenings

Bergy-Bits: posts that do not easily fit into the other categories – the small chunks that calve off the rest of the blog.

You can search for specific keywords in the search bar in the upper right of the main log page, or click on a specific category from the list directly below the search bar.

Other parts of the site including: GALLERY, WATCH/LISTEN, PROFILE, HIRE ME and WEBCASTS are all accessible by the main menu at the top of the page.

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