Computing the Earth

Here's a short article I wrote for Canterbury Christ Church University's "Expert Comment" series on World Environment Day about the role computer scientists might play in battling climate change... The recent Covid-19 pandemic has given the planet a brief breather from human greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, the long-term outlook for the environment remains bleak, likely … Continue reading Computing the Earth

We all foot the bill for a warmer Arctic

This week Open Access Government published the third in a series of articles I have written about Arctic science. The first showed why it is critical to understand the past, present and future of the Arctic; the second examined AI and machine learning and their potential to help us to understand and predict Arctic change, … Continue reading We all foot the bill for a warmer Arctic

Machine Learning: An unexplored horizon for Polar science

I recently published an article in Open Access Government about the potential for machine learning technologies to revolutionise Polar science, with focus on optical remote sensing data from drones and satellites.  You can read it online  or download it from OAGov_Oct18  

Supraglacial Biogeochemistry Chapter

I recently wrote a chapter on the application of biogeochemical measurement techniques to glacier surfaces which will hopefully be of interest to students and fellow early career researchers, especially now during MSc project proposal time! Link here This chapter contributes to the British Society for Geomorphology's "Geomorphological Techniques" textbook which is rapidly growing and is a … Continue reading Supraglacial Biogeochemistry Chapter


In a recent publication in Frontiers in Earth Science, Arwyn Edwards, Alun Hubbard and I outlined a framework for developing a more holistic understanding of the cryosphere. We suggest that the complex reciprocal relationships between physical and biological processes on ice surfaces represent a crucial gap in our knowledge of glacial systems, and propose to … Continue reading Biocryomorphology