AI Adventures in Azure: Accessing the VM via terminal or remote desktop

Accessing the Data Science Virtual Machine Once the virtual machine is set up and started (by clicking “start” on the appropriate VM in the Azure portal) there are several ways to interface with it. The first is via the terminal (I am running Ubuntu 16.04 on both my local machine and the virtual machine). To … Continue reading AI Adventures in Azure: Accessing the VM via terminal or remote desktop

AI Adventures in Azure

A lot of my work at the moment requires quite computationally heavy geospatial analysis that stretches the processing capabilities of my laptop. I invested in a pretty powerful machine – i7-7700GHz processor, 32GB RAM – and sped things up by spreading the load across cores and threads, but it can still be locked up for … Continue reading AI Adventures in Azure

Machine Learning: An unexplored horizon for Polar science

I recently published an article in Open Access Government about the potential for machine learning technologies to revolutionise Polar science, with focus on optical remote sensing data from drones and satellites.  You can read it online  or download it from OAGov_Oct18  

Managing & Publishing Research Code

Several journals now request data and/or code to be made openly available in a permanent repository accessible via a digital object identifier (doi), which is - in my opinion - generally a really good thing. However, there are associated challenges. First, because the expectation that code and data are made openly available is quite new … Continue reading Managing & Publishing Research Code

Lenovo T470p Ubuntu 16.04 Install notes

Here's some notes on installing Ubuntu alongside Windows on a fresh Lenovo t470p with Windows 10 preinstalled. It took a bit of trial and error for me so hopefully these notes will help someone trying to do the same. 1.Download Ubuntu ISO The Ubuntu ISO image for your system architecture is available here: Download … Continue reading Lenovo T470p Ubuntu 16.04 Install notes