November at NASA

I was lucky enough to spend November working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The purpose was to develop ongoing collaborations with expert glaciologists Johan Nilsson (who joined me in Greenland in the summer) and Alex Gardner, meet new potential collaborators and present my recent work on “bioalbedo”.


It was an extremely productive trip – being face-to-face with these top experts helped to confirm, refine and advance my current work and plans for 2017. I was lucky enough to meet researchers from the Airborne Snow Observatory and Europa Mission and got a tour around some of the labs and talk about potential collaborations.

Speaking at JPL was a huge honour and total boyhood dream-come-true as this is one of the world’s leading centres for cutting edge earth science. I spoke to the Earth Sciences division on the topic of “Bio-albedo” (the effect of microbial life on the colour of ice). The feedback and follow-up conversations were really valuable and will help stimulate some exciting science in 2017!

Title page for my JPL talk on “Bio-albedo”

It also happened to be my 30th birthday while I was out there so to celebrate, Johan, fellow researcher Aumery and I hiked up Mount Baldy before going to the cinema for some appropriately space-themed sci-fi in the evening!

Near the top of Mt Baldy – quite a contrast from shorts and t-shirt weather in Pasadena!
Obligatory summit-selfie with JPL postdocs Johan and Amaury.

So #thanksNASA for hosting me and showing me the incredible Earth and space science being done at JPL.

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