BBC Radio 4: Midweek

Yesterday I visited the BBC to talk about life on ice with Libby Purves on Midweek on Radio 4. It was the first time I’d been to Broadcasting House and that in itself was a real experience. I was whisked upstairs to the recording studio with the other guests – author Ken Follett and musicians Fr David Delargy and Hannah Peel.

The conversation was led by Libby Purves, who began proceedings by asking the group: “Do you like the cold?”

I was able to tell the group about some the life that exists on ice surfaces and the logistics of working on ice sheets, before finally admitting to having questionable choices on my field camp playlist!

Excited to be at BBC Broadcasting House – there’s a Dalek and Tardis just behind the slide doors (true).

Overall a great opportunity to communicate glacier ecology to a new demographic, and great fun.

Thanks BBC, thanks Libby, thanks Ken, David and Hannah.

Available on iplayer here!


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